BITX20 update #6

Yesterday, I had a rare evening at home with nothing else planned and decided to make a start on my BITX20.

I brought all the required stuff in to the dining room and set up on the dining room table. It’s not that I don’t have a suitable workshop in the garage but it was so damn cold here last night.

So, after bringing the parts and the soldering iron in I sat down to make a start.

First component to go in was to be a 0.1uF ceramic capacitor but a look through the parts I had purchased showed me no 0.1 uF ceramics. There should be 50 of them but I couldn’t find any.

I did find a small bag of 50 0.01uF ceramics.

Had Futurlec sent me the wrong parts? No

Had Sunil listed the wrong part on his parts list? No

Had I ordered the wrong part? Yes.

So this meant the most used part on the board was nowhere to be seen. Still, I can keep going and mount some other parts. I just won’t be able to get it running.

Next part to try was a 220 ohm resistor. Wouldn’t you know it, again – no 220 ohm resistors. I hadn’t ordered them either.

I continued on for a couple of hours and placed what components I did have as I worked my way through the circuit.

It turns out I am short some other parts as well so I will need to make a trip to Rockby early next week.


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