John Moyle Field Day results

Back in March, although it doesn’t seem that long ago, I spent a cold and winter-like night at the local Scout hall. I was running portable and participating in the John Moyle Field Day contest.

This is my favorite contest as it has many variations of entry and for the previous 5 years I have always managed to choose a section that, with average effort, I was able to get 1st place in.

However this year the result was a little different. I think all the difficulties of the low power, dead rig, cold wet weather, lightning crashes and heading off twice during the contest had cost me many points.

I scored less than half of the winning station in my section. Well done VK3HJA.

Interesting to note the winner of the 6 hr VHF/UHF single op portable category made only 38 contacts. My last effort at this category in 2007 saw me make over 120 contacts.

Perhaps it is time to return to VHF/UHF and leave HF to others?


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