Mt Gordon, VK3/VN-027, revisited

Yesterday, after my bike ride/walk up and back from Federation Range, I stopped by Mt Gordon, VK3/VN-027, just a short detour off the Marysville Rd.


The road to the summit

Last year when I activated Mt Gordon I was bothered by cold, snow and muddy conditions. This activation was the complete opposite. It was warm, dusty and I was seeking shade from the sun.


Mt Gordon fire spotter tower

I was as on a tight time frame so the activation was short and sharp. I set my linked dipole as a low slopper just for something different. It didn’t work too well as all my signal reports were down on what I had expected.


Low slopper antenna

Even so, I got ten QSOs in log in 15 minutes including Joe VK3YSP and Julie VK3FOWL who were out testing a new antenna.


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