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  1. J oseph A. Cyr says:

    Good day O.M.VK3ZPF,
    In your 80/40 trap dipole instructions for building the traps you didn’t give the approximate wire lengths for the antenna wire going from the balun(1/1,I gather) to the 40 meter trap and from the trap to the end of the antenna,although you did so for the 20/40/80 version of the traps.
    I”m in the process of setting up an old commercial trap dipole antenna 40/80.I believe the distance between the traps is roughly 23 and 33 feet.I’m curious to know how close these measurements are to your antenna.
    One of these days I plan on building yours if I can get a good price on some all weather insulated&stranded wire. Thanks for the info and your article is very interesting.
    Thanks & 73′s Joseph A. Cyr VE1AXJ/VE9CYR.

    • Peter Fraser says:

      Hi Joseph

      When first built the wires from the balun to 40m trap were 11m and from the 40m trap to the end were also 11m long. These lengths need to be trimmed as detailed above.

      Peter VK3ZPF

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