VK port-a-log version info

Below is a summary of VK porta-a-log versions;

Moondarra_03.1 (20190106)


Moondarra_03 (20190104)


Moondarra_01 (20180216)

  • Location info – lists closest five SOTA summits within 80 km (data from ParksnPeaks.org)
  • Location info – lists closest five WWFF  areas  within 80 km (VK & ZL only) (data from ParksnPeaks.org)
  • Location info – current WWFF area when inside the park boundary (VK only) (data from ParksnPeaks.org)
  • Location info – current Municipal Shire (VK only) (data from ParksnPeaks.org)
  • Option to jump to Location Info after start-up screen
  • Revised start-up screen display
  • Option to set line 4 of logging screen; QTH, SOTA reference, WWFF reference, Gridsquare, VK shire
  • Option to enter log frequency in MHz or kHz
  • Option to use full soft keyboard for frequency entry
  • Option for slashed zero in call signs
  • Updated VKFF and SANPCPA lists
  • Name look-up works with AX prefixes
  • Added ADIF QSL message field for eQSL
  • Expanded ADIF options for QTH, Notes and Comments fields
  • Option to include other station’s gridsquare in SOTA activator csv files
  • Pile up function – allows five call signs to be entered before saving QSO
  • LOG4OM ADIF support for VK Shires and VGLA
  • Spot last updated time removed


  • Bug fix – ADIF <QTH> tag issue when editing QSO


  • Option to move popup messages To above virtual keyboard
  • Option to turn off non-error pop up messages
  • Option for 3 colour SOTAwatch spots depending on age of spot
  • Option for 3 colour ParksnPeaks spots depending on age of spot
  • Correct use of on-air call sign in WWFF And SOTA logs
  • Option to add/remove GPS details from ADIF comments field
  • Option to use hot keys For RS(T) entry
  • New VKFF references added
  • Mt Eccles National Park renamed Budj Bim National Park
  • Unrequired fields removed from pre-filled ParksnPeaks spot post
  • Non numeric RST now works correctly
  • Default RS(T) For TX And RX can now be set individually
  • Excessive spaces removed from various ADIF fields
  • Resized SOTAwatch spots window To better fit screen
  • Resized ParksnPeaks spots window To better fit screen


  • Better support for installations on devices configured for a language other than English
  • Added new parks to the VKFF park lists
  • Minor cosmetic changes to ParksnPeaks spots
  • Background code changes to improve app stability.


  • Bug fix – first QSO in the SOTA activator log to be left empty


  • Corrects a bug that was causing the first QSO logged for the day to be deleted from the _all.csv file if any other QSO was edited or deleted.


  • Removed bug with User Defined Hot Keys


  • Logging and spotting support for VK Shires Award program
  • Increased WWFF coverage – now includes non VKFF/ZLFF spots
  • Updated VKFF park lists
  • All fields csv file output for importing into Excel
  • QTH field increased to 100 characters
  • SOTAwatch spot post comment field increased to 44 characters
  • ParksnPeaks spot post comment field increased to 44 characters
  • External keyboard now supported with keyboard short cuts – see basic user guide
  • Option for GPS prompting when not QTHR
  • Option to keep screen alive – can be heavy on battery
  • Minor change to names.csv formatting
  • Corrections to some incorrect names in names.csv
  • All other existing names and settings are retained when new version is installed


  • SOTAwatch spots are no longer cached at vk3zpf.com = faster delivery of new spots
  • ParksnPeaks spots are no longer cached at vk3zpf.com = faster delivery of new spots
  • Option to choose white on black or black on white colours for most screens
  • Option to use different call sign on air
  • RF power is an optional mandatory field in log entry
  • New buttons for adding / /P and /M to call sign
  • Long press first call sign hot key (VK1) to change keys to numbers
  • Option to allow non-numeric RST values e.g. 59 +20
  • Options to include SOTA and WWFF references in ADIF QTH field
  • Option to include activation QTH in ADIF comments field
  • Option to copy operator’s name directly to SOTAwatch and ParksnPeaks POST info
  • Auto completion of contacted station’s name – names.csv file
  • Option to download new ParksnPeak info files has been removed


  • Update SOTAwatch Internet addresses


  • Corrected error in truncation of ParksnPeaks post comment.
  • Change how comment limit is applied for SOTAwatch and ParksnPeaks


  • Corrected error in truncation of SOTAwatch post comment.


  • Changed SOTAwatch post comment length from 40 to 20 as the maximum input to SOTAwatch via Spotlite is 40 characters


  • Initial release

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