BITX20 update #2

Today I took the plunge and ordered 95% of the components for my BITX20 on-line from Futurlec.

I had been going to use Rockby, RS Australia and Altronics but I found Futurlec from a link on a QRP builder’s website and saved myself about 50%.

I couldn’t order the tuning capacitor or one of the ceramic capacitors from Futurlec but Jaycar have them listed so I will call in there and buy them over the counter.

The cost for parts so far is just under $AU29.00 including some extra IRF510, in case I blow one up or want to build a bigger PA, and some extra parts to build a 100 kHz reference oscillator to assist with tuning in the field.

Futurlec advise a delivery time of 1 – 2 weeks so the parts should be here a week or two before the boards arrive.

I am looking forward to building this kit and going portable QRP with a light weight rig, rather than the 5 kg of Yaesu FT-7 I took last time I went hiking.


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