DXpedition ? to French Island

Keen to continue, or maybe complete, The Keith Roget Memorial National Parks Award managed by ARV for operating to and from National Parks in Victoria I’m planning an overnight radio trip to French Island on 9 – 10 January 2010.
The aims of the trip are simple:
·Make at least one 20m contact from the French Island National Park.
·Make contact with the Jamboree station, VI2AJ2010, from the French Island National Park.
·Enjoy a hike on French Island carrying in all that is required to achieve the above two aims.

Access to French Island is via a passenger ferry from Stony Point and the walk to the camping ground is about 7km.

I’ll be taking a 7m mast, 80/40/20m trapped dipole, FT7 and three 7.5 Ah SLA batteries that should give at least 8 hours of good operating.
Although the island has a general store the facilities at the camping ground are limited to toilets and, if there has been recent rain, water.
I’ve invited members of the SRESU along for the trip. So far I have one coming along.
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