Awards update

Keith Roget Memorial National Park Award; I made my first contact for this award from the Alpine National Park back in December 2008. Since then I have activated 14 other national parks and I have seen some diverse scenery and spoken with a lot of different people. My contacts from national parks have included R1ANC in Antarctica, the Scout Jamboree station VI2AJ2010 and another Keith Roget Award chaser Tony, VK3VTH, who I have worked twice national park to national park. I have now achieved the minimum requirement of 15 parks, all on 20m, and I have sent off my log to claim the award. I am going to keep working on getting more parks and, over time, I may work to or from them all. Tony, VK3VTH is well on his way to achieving this with only 20 parks to go. To keep adding to my count I will be portable in the Grampians National Park this weekend, working 20m, 40m and 80m while there.

WIA Centenary Award; For this award I need to make contact with the VK100WIA station and/or WIA members to achieve 100 points. Each club activating the VK100WIA callsign is worth 10 points while WIA members are worth 5 points each. So far I have 8 different clubs in the log so two more and I will have the award. Hopefully I will have this done by the end of the month.

The Radio-Active Amateur Radio Award; This award runs only during July and is available to Australian hams that are also members of Scouts. The aim of this award is to get licenced Scouts on air talking to other licenced Scouts. So far I have enough points for the Silver Award and I am hoping to build up enough for the Gold Award. This weekend, while I am at the Grampians National Park, I will join in a Radio-Active net. The net will be around 7.190 MHz from 0900 UTC and 3.650 MHz from 1000 UTC on Saturday.


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