Snowy River National Park, VKFF-0455

After starting my KRMNPA activation weekend with John VK2AWJ at French Island yesterday I drove out East and activated the Snowy River National Park, VKFF-0455. I camped overnight at Warartah Flat Campground and worked stations on 20, 40 and 80 m finishing with 57 QSOs.

The highlights from this activation were 15 Park to Park contacts and 4 QSOs with Japan.

The radio used was FT450D and the antenna was a linked dipole hanging in a gum tree. Logging was via VK port-a-log.


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Errinundra National Park, VKFF-0158

My third activation for the KRMNPA activation weekend was at Errinundra National Park in East Gippsland. I had previously activated this park in August 2012 and chose to operate from the same location on Pastman Tarck, about 73 km north of Orbost.

I was on air for about 3 1/2 hours and made 51 QSOs across 40 and 80 m bands. This qualified the park for the WWFF award as well as providing 8 Park to Park contacts.

The radio used was FT450D and the antenna was a linked dipole supported by a 9m squid pole. Logging was via VK port-a-log.


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French Island National Park, VKFF-0622 with John VK2AWJ

Today at 7:00 am I met up with John VK2AWJ to travel over to French Island. This was my fifth trip over with previous trips in 2010, 2012, January 2016 and March 2016. This trip was to accompany John and allow him to activate French Island National Park with the safety of an experienced activator and to start the 2016 KRMNPA activation weekend.

dsc06135-resizedMy plan was to get off the boat and walk to the first observation deck, about 1.2 km along road and dirt/sandy track. I say ‘plan’ because unfortunately I missed the second opening between Coast Rd and the walking track and we walked 2 km more than planned. Sorry John.

Once at the deck John set up his end fed wire antenna with squid pole and started working stations on 40m fairly quickly.


John VK2AWJ working 40m

I set my linked dipole on my squid pole and made a couple of QSOs on 20m.


Linked dipole and end fed wire (behind)

Keen not to miss the boat we packed up after 2 hours and took the shorter route back to the jetty and we were back on the mainland at 1:30 pm.

A good day out and always good to revisit French Island.

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Blog update day

After a busy 12 months I have finally had a day free to sit down and write some blog updates for recent SOTA and WWFF activations.

The following pages have been added:


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New VK port-a-log version – V20161102_01

I have released a new version of my Android logging app VK port-a-log.

The new version is V20161102_01 and contains more new features;

  • Logging and spotting support for VK Shires Award program
  • Increased WWFF coverage – now includes non VKFF/ZLFF spots
  • Updated VKFF park lists
  • All fields csv file output for importing into Excel
  • QTH field increased to 100 characters
  • SOTAwatch spot post comment field increased to 44 characters
  • ParksnPeaks spot post comment field increased to 44 characters
  • External keyboard now supported with keyboard short cuts – see basic user guide
  • Option for GPS prompting when not QTHR
  • Option to keep screen alive – can be heavy on battery
  • Minor change to names.csv formatting
  • Corrections to some incorrect names in names.csv
  • All other existing names and settings are retained when new version is installed

Many of these additions have come from direct feedback from users and for that I am thankful.

VK port-a-log can be downloaded from the  files section of the vk3zpf_logger group.
Joining the vk3zpf_logger group allows you to email bug reports and suggestion direct to the developer (me) and share your ideas with other users.screenshot_20161103-194001



screenshot_20161103-193804  screenshot_20161103-193645

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