SOTA Mountain Goat – at last

MG glass blockAfter more than 10 years of activating SOTA summits I have finally achieved 1000 activator points, qualifying me to be a SOTA Mountain Goat.
I made my first SOTA activation at VK3/VC-025 Mt Dandenong on 26 February 2012 using a Yaesu FT7, SSB and a link dipole.

My Mountain Goat activation was at VK3/VC-029 Briarty Hill on 3 July 2022 using an FT817, FT8 and SSB and an inverted L antenna.

I have made 233 activations on 64 different summits, logged 3702 QSOs and 1020 unique call signs. Of these activations 230 were qualified using SSB or FM, two were using CW and one was by FT8.

Most of my activations have been alone but I have done combined activations with Allen VK3ARH, Glenn VK3YY, Kevin VK3KAB, Marshall VK3MRG, Matt VK1MA and Chris, VK3TYG. I have also bumped into Rik VK3EQ and Ron VK3AFW near or on summits doing their own activations.

My most memorable activation so far was at VK3/VT-006, Mt St Phillack with in 2013 where I made contact with Mike, AD5A in Texas on 12m with just 5 Watts on SSB.

SOTLAS and SOTAdata shows my SOTA activities.

VK3ZPF SOTA activationsMy top 10 activated summits

Position Summit Code Name Count
1 VK3/VC-002 Mt Donna Buang 10
=1 VK3/VC-009 Mt Bride 10
3 VK3/VC-029 Briarty Hill 8
4 VK3/VC-025 Mt Dandenong 7
=4 VK3/VC-011 Britannia Range 7
=4 VK3/VC-016 Mt Beenak 7
=4 VK3/VN-027 Mt Gordon 7
=4 VK3/VC-037 VK3/VC-037 7
=4 VK3/VT-040 Spion Kopje 7
10 VK3/VC-003 Mt Ritchie 6
=10 VK3/VC-005 Mt Vinegar 6
=10 VK3/VC-031 Arthurs Seat 6
=10 VK3/VT-078 Gentle Annie 6

My top 10 activation chasers

Position Activator Call sign Count
1 VK3PF 152
2 VK2IO 94
3 VK3YY 92
4 VK5PAS 84
5 VK1MA 68
6 VK3CAT 65
7 VK3AFW 63
8 VK3HRA 54
9 VK3AMB 44
10 VK3ANL 42

Given that it has taken more than 10 years to get my first 1000 activator points I’d suggest it is a safe bet that I won’t be getting to double MG anytime in the next 10 years.

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