BITX20 update #3

Today I got an email from Sunil to confirm my BITX20 minikit had been shipped.

It is good to know that my order has progressed.

I check my order status with Futurlec and my parts order was shipped today. I hope to have it here Monday or Tuesday.

Also today, I was searching out more info about the BITX20 and found a site detailing the build and alignment of one of Sunil’s kits.

I also got in contact with another VK amateur radio operator that is also building Sunil’s kit.

I now know of four VKs that are keen on the BITX20. This should make for an interesting QSO once we all get them working.

I also learnt today that there needs to be some selection of crystals for use in the ladder filter. Ashhar suggests buying ten crystals and selecting five.

I have only ordered 5 crystals so I may have to order some more to achieve optimal performance.

Time will tell.


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