BITX20 Update #11

Last night I got the BFO oscillator working but without L5. I just shorted across where L5 should be on the PCB.

I tried salvaging some thin winding wire from an old CB radio but the wire kept breaking. I decided I would try the BFO without L5 and use just the trimmer cap.

Wouldn’t you know it – it worked.

Tonight I hooked a speaker and RX power and connected my FTDX100 to my voice keyer and let it talk on USB whilst I tuned in the BITX20. I could hear the voice keyer but it sounded upside down. I switched the FTDX100 to LSB and the voice keyer was as clear as day.

I need to work out how to make L5 work for me so I can get the correct sideband.


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