BITX20 Update #22

Success at last – my first BITX20 QSO.

After mounting the boards and controls into a case and checking my BITX20 V3 didn’t self oscillate when connected to an antenna I had a listen around.

I heard Ivan,┬áVK5HS in QSO with a DX station that I couldn’t hear. After waiting for VK5HS to finish I put in a quick call, hoping to catch Ivan before he QSYed. He came back to me and said I was weak and slightly off frequency. But at least he had answered my call.

Ivan then had a QSO with a VK2 station while I fired up my FTDX100. I called Ivan on my FTDX100 and, after a couple of overs, I swapped back to the BITX20.

Ivan commented that the signal was good but the audio seemed to be distorted. I was pleased just to even make the contact.

We finished our QSO, with me back on my FTDX100, and I thanked Ivan for his comments and assistance.

Now I just need to work out why I only have 500 mW maximum output.


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