Keith Roget Memorial National Parks Award – update # 3

I had been planning to keep working on this award during the weekends of February and March but the events of Saturday 7 February have meant my Award chasing will be on hold for a while.

A lethal cocktail of an extended hot spell, a drought that has been going on for at least 8 years, a strong northerly wind blowing hot, dry air in from the deserts in Central Australia and some sources of ignition saw a large amount of Victoria burst into flames on what is now known as ‘Black Saturday’.

As I write this the death toll from the fires is 181 but the police and the Premier are telling us to brace for more.

Whole towns, like Marysville, Narbathong and Kinglake have been decimated by these fires. Around these towns are National Parks. These parks have also been burnt significantly and it will be a long time before public access back into these parks will be allowed.

And an even longer time before the rural and bush communities of Victoria rebuild and move on.


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