Two things I need to do soon!

Just looking at the photo of my BITX 20 with its new PA3CNO display I realised there are two major things I need to do:

1)Replace the front panel on the BITX 20. This has always been in the plan and now I have a display for it I can finalise the front panel layout. I’m thinking of using blank PCB for the front panel, just like the back panel, and using a printed paper label protected with a plastic veneer for the detail.

2)Tidy my work bench. I just realised how messy it is when I look at that photo. Headphones, a lamp, a solder sucker, countless sheets of paper, wire, clip leads, a microphone, my DDS generator (with bonus LED indicators for the attenuator), a piece of pipe from an antenna trap, a magnifying glass and a roll of sticky tape are just some of the things that don’t need to be there at present. And that is just the part of the bench you can see. And that is the clearest section. I will let you imagine what the rest of the bench looks like.


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