Oceania DX contest 2008 results

Back in October 2008 three of us set a contest station at Gilwell Park for the annual Oceania DX contest.

Last week the results of the contest were published and our VK3SAT station came third in the Oceania Multi – Multi section. That was third out of three. The second placed team, VK3FRC, were more than double our score and the winning VK Multi-Multi station, VK4KW, was more than 20 times our score. I know that sounds like a lot but they did make more than 4 times the number of QSO.

We have scribbled the date of this year’s contest into the diary and, all going well, we will again get into Gilwell Park and run a multi-multi attempt.

This year we will have band pass filters on all bands and this should help us work more stations at the same time than last year.


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