So – What’s been happening?

The past few weeks has seen very little time for ham radio and even less time for blogging about it.

I, along with my family, are heavily involved with a Scout & Guide production called Whitehorse Showtime. This show is fantastic but does take a lot of time and commitment.

I did however manage to make a couple of QSOs with VK4KWI who is traveling in Australia for five years. I caught Trevor during his regular sked on 7.120 MHz. The signals weren’t all that good but we did at least make contact.

I’m hoping as we move into summer here and the sunspot number continue to increase we will get better QSO as time goes on.

I have had only one contest result come in and that was for the CQWW DX contest from October last year. My entry was not a serious attempt but rather a time filler between other things. Just got on and ‘handed out a few numbers’. I managed to place 10th in VK for the Single Op All Band Low Power section above two other stations. My score of 1,518 however was a long way behind the top VK station in the SOAB LP VK3TZ who scored 112,395.

The next contest on my calendar is the Westlakes Cup. This is an 80m VK only contest that last only 1 hour. As usual it occurs on a weekend where I have lots of other things on so I’m not sure where I will be or if I even get on air.

Time will tell.


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