Jamboree On The Air – VK3SCG 2009 – Part 2

Well, the JOTA weekend is all over and I’m wondering how others went with the radio signals?
My Echolink fell in a hole on Friday night and was dead all weekend. Phill, VK3FPJB, restarted it Saturday morning and it recovered for a little time but then went again. Not too sure why but, like 2008, I need to get this sorted out earlier than the week before JOTA.
During the day we focused on 20m for contacts with scouts and made most of the QSOs into VK4, either around Brisbane or further north around Townsville.
Most of the signals out of VK4 were 5 X 9 +. I had one scout contact into Alice Springs. I heard nothing from New Zealand which was surprising.
I left the shack on Saturday night in the capable hands of John, VK3ZX, and Arthur, VK3FBEE and they had a few QSO into Japan and other places and managed to fill the first log sheet
and start another.
I gave a couple of calls on VK3RSS and heard from a noisy VK3SDJ from Epping that couldn’t quite make it but apart from that it was just 20m.
I have left a UHF Uda antenna on the tower at Gilwell pointing toward Emerald with the coax rolled up outside for when we next want Melbourne communications from Cleve Cole hut.
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