MKARS80 Update # 1

It’s Christmas Day toady and I have a new radio kit to play with.

Steve G6ALU was kind enough to post my MKARS80 kit to arrive in time for Christmas so today, during some quiet time after lunch, I set about making a start.

This kit will be different to my BITX 20 kit as this one has all the parts supplied, including an aluminium box.

The parts are packed in small plastic bags and each bag has its own section in the manual. I made a start with bag 1 and placed about 65 resistors. I am not rushing this one as the board is extremely well made with screen printing, solder mask and through hole plating. And there is a good reason to be sure the right part is in the right place. Getting parts out of through hole plating can be a real challenge.

Hopefully I will get all the parts right and not have to remove any.

As I did with my BITX 20 I will post my progress here on my blog so others can follow along. I’m hoping to have the MKARS80 finished by Easter so I can take it away with me and give it a good try out in the field.

P.S. I also cleared a spot on the bench. Not a really big spot, but is better than it was.


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