BITX20 Update # 32

Mich Lei Juice recently asked how my BITX20 was going. At present it is in pieces on the very messy work bench.

I have started work to move the boards into a new, slightly larger box where I can shield the variable capacitor. I’m hoping by adding some shielding I can get rid of the drift that happens every time I move my hand near the case.

For shielding I am using galvanised steel sheet left over from the NVARC Ugly Filters. To help guard against short circuits I have covered the sheet with blue tinted ‘Contact’.

The new case is about 6mm higher than the old so I needed to make new front and rear panels from blank PCB materials. This time I have laminated the paper front panel.

Fitting out the new case will also allow me to tidy up the inter board wiring so it looks neat when I take photos to put here and on other sites.

I hope to get it all back together in the next couple of weeks.


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