JIDX 2009 results

Back in November 2009 was the Phone section of the Japan International DX contest. Despite my earlier assertions that I would give this contest my full attention, as it didn’t clash with Scouthike, I only managed about 30 minutes on air whilst my daughter was at a band rehearsal.

I had driven about 10 km away from the rehearsal and found a suitable park where I could set my trapped 80/40/20m dipole. I made 4 contacts on 20 m so I sent off my log as an entry in the 14 MHz low power section.

As it turned out I was one of only two entries from Australia in that category, and the other entry was Craig, VK8PDX in Central Australia. Craig made 3 QSO for 9 points. So, despite my very small participation I will get a certificate in the mail to add to my collection.

Maybe this year I will give the JIDX contest a better go and make more QSOs. After all it doesn’t clash with Scouthike this year either.


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