Waitakere Sprints 2011

Last night, between transporting kids to and from their activities, I set up my 80m inverted Vee on the 9 m squid pole at One Tree Hill in the Dandenong Ranges National Park. I’ve worked from here a number of times before with reasonable results, and it is a lot better than working from home.

This time I was having another go at the Waitakere Sprint. I have worked this contest a couple of other times but not from as good a location as this. I was using the FT-757GX powered from the car battery.

Signals were generally good with the noise level below S7. There was electrical storms somewhere and at times I missed some info due to the static crashes. By the end of the hour I had logged 34 QSO, with two being duplicates.
The thing I like most about the inverted Vee on the squid pole is the short set up and pack up times. I got to site at 7:45 pm, made my first QSO at 8:00 pm, last QSO at 8:59 pm and was all packed away and out by 9:15 pm, just as the rain started.


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