BITX20 update #1

Today I placed an order for a BITX20 V3 minikit from Sunil in India.

It cost me $US22.00 ($AU23.30) and I paid with Paypal.

I’m hoping to have the kit here within the fortnight and then I can start constructing.

Don’t know what a BITX20 is?

BITX20 is a bidirectional SSB transceiver for the 20m amateur radio band, designed and built by Ashhar Farhan, VU2ESE, in 2004.

I am planning to use the BITX20 when I am away hiking. If I build it well I hope it will serve as a good QRP SSB radio for working portable.

After building one for 20m I am going to look at building one for 80m as well.

I have built 2 transceivers before from complete kits. One was a 40ch 5 watts UHF FM transceiver and the second was a PLL controlled 144 – 148 MHz transceiver.

The minikit I have ordered from Sunil includes:
Main Bitx Board PCB (1 off)
Linear Cum Power Supply PCB with switching circuit (1 off)
Pre wound Bandpass Filter Coils (4 off)
Baluns Small Unwound (7 off)
Baluns Unwound Big (1 off)
Ferrite Beads (2 off)
Transistor 2sc2570 (1 off)
Relay 12 volts (2 off)
Construction Details Bitx (1 off)

Once I get the mini kit I need to source the remaining parts form either my junk box or a local supplier.

My main source of parts will be Rockby with the more exotic parts, such as the IRF510 MOSFET, coming from RS Australia.

I am looking forward to heating the soldering iron up and building something again.


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