Oceania DX Contest 2007

Yesterday I cleared out my post office box and, to my surprise, found a certificate from last year’s OCDX contest.

Al, VK3FAWB and I had gone portable in the forest near Mt Disappointment and given the contest a real good go using the scout call sign VK3SAT.

We managed to score 54760 from 134 QSO which, for a multi multi all station really wasn’t that much but considering we were running battery power in a tent with portable antennas we thought we did OK.

The winning Oceania station, VK4WIL made 1177 QSO and scored 2524200.

The certificate we received was for making over 100 QSO in the contest.

We have already started planning for the 2008 contest were we will be going to the Gilwell Park Scout Camp and using real antennas inside real buildings with real 240 V power.

The comfort and power levels will be up and we will also have more operators which will mean more bands and more time so hopefully more QSOs.

It is all shaping up pretty good so far.


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