BITX20 Update #20

My BITX20 V3 moved a step closer to being finished yesterday when I started placing the boards in a proper case.

I looked around my shack for about an hour before I found an old project I hadn’t looked at in well over a decade. The project was an ASCII to speech converter using the SPO256 and CTS256 chip set. This was a project I started in my mid teens that took parallel fed ACSII code from the Centronics printer port of a computer and converted it to speech. Great fun at the time but the case is now due for re-use.

I fashioned a back panel from blank PCB. I trimmed one edge of the linear amplifier board to get the copper right to the edge so I can solder the linear amplifier board directly to the back panel. This should help keep the RF on the outside and improve the stability of the BITX20.

I have cut a hole in the back panel for the IRF510 to poke through and be screwed to the heatsink.

My plan is to mount the main board into the lid of the case and, if need be, add a PCB shield between the boards to remove any unwanted interaction.

It is all getting closer to done.


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