Back to French Island

In January of 2010, along with two other members of the SRESU I made the trip across Western Port to activate the French Island National Park. Whilst there I made one QSO with my own call sign and 21 QSO using VK3SAT.

I’ve decided that it might be fun to go back to the island and claim some different bands for the Keith Roget Memorial National Park Award so exactly 2 years later we are heading back over.

This expedition I am being joined by three members of the SRESU, Matt VK2ADF, Kevin, VK3KAB and Adam VK3YDF. Adam and a mate are planning to kayak across from the mainland instead of walking.

I will be carrying my FT7, squid pole and switched inverted vee antenna. I’ll also carry two SLA batteries and send a couple more across with Adam in the kayak.

The plan is to work 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10m whilst we are over there. At least one QSO on each band with my call sign and other QSOs with a scout call sign, probably VK3SAT again.

Matt is also chasing the National Parks Award so his call will get some use as well.


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