Chiltern – Mt Pilot and Warby – Ovens National Parks activation

Today I was able to revisit two parks I had activated previously for the Keith Roget Memorial National Parks Award.

Chiltern – Mt Pilot National Park

Activating Chiltern – Mt Pilot National Park on 40 metres today completed the activation of all 45 National Parks using 7 MHz. My first QSO today was with John VK5BJE who was in the Mount Eccles National Park.

Entry sign

Chiltern – Mt Pilot entry sign

Chiltern - Mt Pilot operating position

Chiltern – Mt Pilot operating position








For the first few QSOs I used the FT817 running 5 Watts to qualify as a QRP activation but I then switched to my new FT450D to try 80, 15 and 10 metres. I was able to get two contacts on 15 metres and nothing on 80 or 10 metres. I then returned to 40 metres and made some more QSOs. In total I made 15 QSOs from the Tuan Camp Ground, just west of the Chiltern township, including two SOTA contacts with Andrew VK1NAM at Mt Rob Roy VK1/AC-031.

Warby – Ovens National Park

Activating the Warby – Ovens National Park using my FT817 provided another QRP activation, taking my QRP Park activations count to 24. One more QRP activation and I can apply for a 25 Park QRP endorsement. I’m planning a QRP activation of French Island National Park later this month that should take care of that.

2014-01-05 14.41.24

Ridge Track – Warby – Ovens National Park

I activated this National Park in the shade of gum tree on the side of Ridge Track which leads to SOTA summit Mt Glenrowan VK3/VE-230. The spot I chose was about 200 metres from the gate. I didn’t have enough time to walk the 4.5 km to the summit so I’ll come back for that later.




I was hoping to work John VK5BJE from the Mount Richmond National Park but poor weather had detoured him to the Cobboboonee National Park instead.

Warby-  Ovens operating position

Warby- Ovens operating position

Mt Richmond is one of six national parks I have not ‘chased’ as yet. John went to Mount Richmond later in the day but I was on my way home by then and missed the activation.

I made 20 QSOs on 40 metres including Rod VK2TWR at Numeralla Mountain VK2/SM-067, Mark VK5QI in the Mount George Conservation Park and John VK5BJE at Cobboboonee National Park.


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