Portable trapped dipoles

Some time back I searched the Internet for details of making traps for multi-band antennas. As a keen portable operator the availability of things to hang antennas from is not always as I would like. I found a few websites with details and settled on a design using a coil of wire on a PVC former and a short length of coax in parallel as the capacitor.

Having the desired bands available on one coaxial cable also makes band changing easy.
I built a trapped dipole with traps designed for 80m, 40m and 20m and I have used this with good success a number of times.
When Trevor, VK4KWI, said he was looking for a multi-band antenna to use on his 5 year working holiday around Australia I suggested he try a trapped dipole. I have made traps for him on 15m, 17m and 20m and have posted them up to him in Queensland.
Details of the trap construction can be found here.
Hopefully Trevor can make some good contacts on this antenna and maybe I will even get to speak with him.
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