VK3/VT-040 Spion Kopje activation

VK3/VT-040 Spion Kopje is one of my most visited summits. I have activated it in 2012, 2013, 2014 and today.

It was a sunny day and easy going up the ‘track’ from the road. The track is marked with blue marker tape for most of the way with many low trees requiring careful navigation of the squid pole on my backpack. The actual summit is a little beyond where many people stop.

I made 19 QSOs on 40m then shortened the ends of the 12 m section of my linked dipole and made four QSOs on 10m.

I also revisited the Geocache that is near by.


Blue marker tape showing the way up


Operating position


Shortened 12 m element for use on 28 MHz

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