VK3ZPF Android SOTA logger app

October 2015 update:

VK3ZPF portable logger has been rebuilt as VK port-a-log.

For updates see http://vk3zpf.com/vk-port-a-log

Here are details of an Android logging application I have written to help me log QSOs when I am activating SOTA summits.
The app is written for my Google Nexus 7 inch tablet and works on several other tablet variants.
The application currently has the following functions;


  • Captures QSO info including time, call sign, name, location, signal reports, mode, rig and power
  • Uses the inbuilt GPS, where fitted, to determine the Maidenhead locator
  • Outputs version 2.0 CSV file format compatible with SOTA database uploads for activate and chase logs
  • Outputs ADIF 3.0.4 file format compatible with mainstream logging programs
  • Displays distance and compass bearing from major landmark – VK capital cities
  • Includes locator, SOTA reference, VKFF reference and GPS location in comments field of ADIF file
  • Writes new files for each local calendar day
  • Has shortcuts for most VK call sign prefixes or numbers zero – nine for faster DX entry
  • Three operating modes – SOTA, portable and QTHR
  • Has scroll list of QSOs, latest at top, for quick review

The following ideas are still to be implemented;

The logger app is available from the files section of the vk3zpf_logger groups.io group.
Joining the vk3zpf_logger groups.io group allows you to email bug reports and suggestion direct to the developer (me) and share your ideas with other users.

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