VK3ZPF portable logger – update

I have a couple of weeks at home whilst my wife recuperates from recent spinal surgery.
During this time I’ll be making some more updates to my portable logger application.

High on the to do list is to include SPOT sending to SOTAwatch and parks’n’peaks. I have refined the code to make this work and just need to get the user interface sorted. Most likely it will be on a separate page and users can swipe left and right to move between pages.

If I get time I may also shoot a YouTube video of the logger in use.




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One Response to VK3ZPF portable logger – update

  1. Per-Olov Johansson says:

    Hi Peter!
    Absolutly the best logger I´ve tested so far and it´s obvious that it´s made of some who use to operate /P, GOOD WORK!
    It would be appreciated if the RST will be set to 599 when CW is entered in the Mode-field.
    Also choice to select textcolour/fieldbackground colour would be great, On my Samsung TAB 3 the fieldbackground will be darkgrey and the inputtext will be black -Hard to see!

    Looking forward to test it in one of my WWFF-activations.

    All the best de SM7SPG/P(er)

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