New VK port-a-log version released named, Warburton_01

Today I have released the latest version of VK port-a-log, named Warburton_01.
This version has the following updates (since Gisborne_02);

  • HEMA logging
  • HEMA spotting (VK only)
  • Silos On The Air, SiOTA, logging and spotting (VK only)
  • revised file name format for WWFF ADIF upload file
  • option to add MY_SOTA reference to the WWFF upload file
  • option to change column 6 in the QSO log display to show name or mode
  • SIG and MY_SIG preference options added (WWFF and SiOTA )
  • change to the my references display at the top of screen – tap to see all references
  • Compatible with Android 5.0 – Android 11
  • Updated interface to use HTTPS
  • Re-write of sliding panes for smoother transitions
  • Improved text sizing for better viewing on different devices
  • Choice of 6 or 8 digit Maidenhead locator
  • Main ADIF export format improved
  • SOTA V2 csv export file renamed
  • Updated VKFF park listings
  • Bug fix – Leading spaces in <QTH> ADIF field removed
  • Bug fix – KRMNPA spot repost function improved
  • Bug fix – Numbers hot key functionality improved
  • Bug fix – Incorrect capitalisation in names.csv file fixed
  • Bug fix – Multiple mentions of SOTA ref in notes field of SOTA csv file removed
  • Bug fix – restored auto focus to call sign when returning to logging screen
  • Bug fix – excessive save time for WWFF logs over 40 QSOs
  • Bug fix – callsign in title bar disappears when ‘Maiden’ function is used
  • Bug fix – unwanted efault notification sounds – Android 8 and above
  • Bug fix – GPS info was being retained when references were manually changed
  • Bug fix – keyboard selection improved for frequency entry for SOTA and PnP spots

Details of VK port-a-log can be found at

Start Up screen2

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