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vk3zpf qsl route

I apply the following QSL policy;

  • QSL cards can be requested via OQRS using the log search below
  • I reply 100% to all QSL cards received
  • For direct reply include three green stamps with your QSL card. No green stamps = return card via Bureau
  • I upload all HF QSOs to clublog.org
  • I no longer accept IRCs for returning QSL cards.
  • I no longer upload to ARRL Logbook Of The World
  • I no longer upload to eQSL.cc

QSL cards, with three green stamps, can be sent direct to;
Peter Fraser
PO Box 449
Beaconsfield  Victoria  3807

Bureau or direct are my only QSL routes. I do not use a QSL manager.

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