Useful links

Here are links to sites having good content about portable award programs. – Information about the SOTA award scheme – SOTA spots and alerts, summit info, SOTA reflector – SOTA database for recording chaser and activator QSO – VK Portable spots and alerts – SOTA, KRMNPA, QRP, SANPCPA, VK and ZL WWFF
SOTA Australia – a group with email reflector for VK SOTA activators and chasers
VK5PAS SOTA page – very informative SOTA page from Paul VK5PAS – Keith Roget Memorial National Park Award – World Wide Flora and Fauna award – VK Flora and Fauna award – South Australia National Parks and Conservation Parks Award

AD5A blog – Mike’s blog about IOTA, SOTA, DXing and QRP

VK Blogs about portable activations

VK1AD blog – Get out of the Radio Shack and Live Life
VK1DA blog –  Andrew’s amateur radio experiences with VK1DA
VK1DI blog – Ian’s activities on the Amateur Radio bands
VK2IB blog – Bernard’s Amateur Radio in the Great Outdoors
VK2JI blog –  Ed’s blog of Amateur Radio enthusiast VK2JI
VK2YW blog – John’s SOTA blog around the NSW Riverina
VK3ARH blogAllen’s adventures with amateur radio
VK3ARR blog – Andrew’s SOTA blog
VK3BQ blog – Andrew’s blog – Installing poorly built antennas since 1994!
VK3BYD blog – Warren’s radio activities
VK3CAT blog – Tony’s radio activities
VK3FQSO blog – Amanda’s adventures with Amateur Radio and Geocaching!
VK3HN blog – Paul’s blog – Big mountain, small voice, many ears
VK3IL blog – David’s SOTA adventures and project notebook
VK3MRG blog – Marshall’s blog about SOTA and portable operating
VK3PF blog – Peter’s accounts of SOTA outings
VK3WAM blog – Wayne’s blog about bush walking, Amateur Radio including SOTA
VK3YE – Antennas  Construction  Operating QRP Electronics History SWL Tutorials
VK3YY blog – Glenn’s radio communications blog
VK3ZPF blog – Peter’s blog about his amateur radio activities
VK5BJE blog – John’s blog about his amateur radio activities
VK5HCF blog – Colin’s Amateur Radio, QRP, Portable, SOTA and Park chasing
VK5LA blog – Andy’s Amateur Radio Adventurers
VK5PAS blog – Paul’s blog about SOTA and the VK5 National & Conservation Parks Award and WWFF
VK7TW blog – Justin blog about SOTA and amateur radio adventures

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