CQ World Wide DX contest

Saturday 25 October and Sunday 26 October was the CQWW DX Contest for 2008.

At the start of 2008 I had made bookings at the Gilwell Park scout camp for a few contests, including CQWW DX.

However coming a week after JOTA I thought my chances of a leave pass two weekends in a row were pretty slim.

As it was the camp needed the building where the antennas terminate and the other operators who were going to help a multi operator – multi transmitter station had other things on.

I also had commitments all day Saturday and all day Sunday leaving me very little time to try any contesting from home, where I have poor antennas for a range of reasons.

I have an FT757 on the bench at present that is just a little sick so I started fixing that and gave it a try on air.

Although the display is not good and I was only guessing where I was exactly I made a few contacts.

In summary:

  • 160 m: QSO = 0, Points = 0, Zones = 0
  • 80 m: QSO = 6, Points = 5, Zones = 4
  • 40 m: QSO = 14, Points = 22, Zones = 6
  • 20 m: QSO = 13 Points = 23, Zones = 7
  • 15 m: QSO = 0, Points = 0, Zones = 0
  • 10 m: QSO = 0, Points = 0, Zones = 0
  • 33 QSO in total and a huge score of 1650 points

But I did get the radio working a little better.

There is always next year.


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