BITX20 Update #27

Tonight I continued making progress to tidy up my BITX20 and get it all into one box. I searched the junk box and came up with a big variable capacitor with a 1/4 inch shaft so I could fit a normal knob to it instead of the small dial I was using.

Recently I had also crafted out a front panel design and today I printed it out, covered it with plastic and stuck it on to the front panel. The front panel design includes the version 3 circuit diagram and some of the call signs of those who have helped me along the way with getting my BITX20 going. The paper label is only held around the edges, and not all that well, and it has moved a little when I have assembled the box. I will try a few different methods of attaching the label and see what works best.

I spent about 2 hours tidying up the internal wiring so I could get both lids on the box. Everything is mounted now and all the cables are connected except the power switch and the speaker part of the speaker/mic.

I need to replace the AF gain control as the one I have is secondhand and too noisy. I also need to get some matching knobs.


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