Communications Patrol Activity camp

Last weekend was the Gilwell Park Communications Patrol Activity camp. This camp has been running for many years with great assistance from Garnet VK3MTA (now SK).

This year was the first Communications PA camp since Garnet died and I was quite pleased with how well it all came together. John VK3ZX did a fantastic job coordinating the available members of the SRESU along with some additional help from the Pakenham Venturer Unit.

The camp ran almost like clockwork, with only one incident spoiling the otherwise exceptional camp.

I got a chance to try out the HF bandpass filters and from the short test we did they worked very well.

I also got some help from John VK3ZX to repair my DDS HF generator software that had decided to stop working last Wednesday for some reason I still don’t know. How is it that software works 100% for over a year and then suddenly stops working? Thanks to John I got it working again and so I have my external VFO for my FTDX100 and FT7 working again.

Now I need to add the low pass filter and 20 dB amplifier to get a good level of RF for external filter and antenna testing.


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