Field Activity Readiness Trial camp

This weekend is the SRESU‘s first Field Activity Readiness Trial (FART) camp. Organised by Arthur VK3FBEE a small group are heading away to setup and meet the following challenge:

To set up a communications camp site capable of supporting two operators and running to our normal comm’s plan of  2 metres, 80 metres and UHF CB, for a period of not less than 36 hours.

Once set up we are free to circulate and inspect other sites, exchanging ideas and the various reasons why it’s been done that way.

This weekend is also the John Moyle Memorial Field Day contest which promotes portable operation. I have previously done very well with the VHF/UHF section of this contest from Mt Donna Buang, which, coincidentally, is not far from the FART camp location. I will most likely work some HF signals just to offer support for the contest. If I get a chance on Sunday morning I might also head up the hill and hand out some numbers there as well.

I am also hoping to get one more National Park during the weekend as well.


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