20m & 40m trapped vertical squid pole antenna repair

I have been using my 20 & 40m trapped vertical for twelve months now and the setting up and taking down was starting to take its toll on the wires in and out of the trap.

Not wanting the antenna to break in the field, today I disassembled the trap and built a more rugged version.
The new version trap is about 60mm longer and has strain relief provided to the element wire.

Soon I will be rebuilding my home antenna, currently a trapped 40 & 80m dipole with added wires for 20m, and changing it to be a 20, 40 & 80m trapped dipole. I need to build new traps for this and they too will be this more rugged design.

I may cover the traps in heat shrink tubing if I can find something suitable at the right price.


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