Hamfest, RadioFest and White Elephant Sales

I’ve been a ham for almost 30 years and in that time I have only ever been to two hamfests. Both of them were the EMDRC White Elephant sales. One was under the Telecom building in Rutland Rd Box Hill and the other was at the Box Hill High School hall. For those readers that are long time members of the EMDRC you will know this is quite some time ago.

I don’t have an aversion to hamfests I just never have spare cash to buy what I want so I stay away.

This Sunday I am going to my third ever hamfest. The Centre Victorian RadioFest, is held nearly every year in Kyneton, about 90 km from Melbourne. Managed by Amateur Radio Victoria, ARV for short, it promises a range of displays, mini lectures and sales, both new and second hand, and should be a whole lot of fun.

I’ll be manning a table promoting the Keith Roget Memorial National Parks Award and selling ARV log books. Tony, VK3VTH, has put together some great publicity material for the award and he will also be there helping out. I am looking forward to meeting him and some of the hams that I have spoken to recently.

If you are going to the RadioFest please drop by the ARV table and say hello.


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