John Moyle Field Day – Results

Last week the result of the John Moyle Field Day contest were published. I had participated in the contest with an interrupted entry from Nortons Park, part of Jells Park. At the time I blogged that I had been on air for about 3 1/4 hours out of the possible 6 hours. I claimed 77 contacts for a score of 154.

In my section, Six Hour Portable Operation – Single Operator HF, there were seven entries and I came fourth. Tony VK3VTH, working from the Chiltern-Mt Pilot National Park for the Keith Roget Memorial National Parks Award came second in the same category with a score of 224 behind Jeff VK3HJA with 254.

I was 100 points, or 50 contacts, behind first place despite working only about half the available time. So if I had worked the full six hours perhaps I could have finished higher up the list?

In the Six Hour Portable Operation – Single Operator VHF/UHF category there was only seven entries and the winner, Nick VK3VFO, made 34 contacts for a score of 561. I had previously competed in this category for four years and scored over 1200 points each year. Perhaps I should review the category in which I participate for next year?


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