VK/trans – Tasman 80m and QRP Hours contest results

Yesterday and today I received the results of two contest in which I used my MKARS80 QRP transceiver.

First to arrive was the VK/trans – Tasman 80m results that showed I had placed 20th overall and 3rd place in the QRP section. Peter VK3AJ placed 10th overall and Greg VK3LLL placed 17th overall.

The next result in were for the QRP Hours contest held back in early April. This was a much smaller contest and not many stations actually submitted logs. I just don’t understand why some people work contests¬† but don’t submit logs. My score of 17 points placed me in 1st place in VK3. There was however only two logs submitted for VK3 stations. It is difficult to gauge an overall position as the contest has CW and SSB sections running at the same time. Adding both CW and SSB points together I could suggest I came 4th overall. Looking just at the phone section I came second a long way behind VK7VH at 27 points. Vince sure does put out I big signal from the apple isle. VK7VH also came first in the VK/trans – Tasman 80m contest, again running QRP.

The next contest is the VK/trans – Tasman 160m SSB contest on Saturday 25 June 2011. I’m hoping to work this contest from the new antenna set up at Gilwell Park scout camp. There they will have a 160 m Inverted Vee with the apex at about 32 metres above the ground. This should perform a lot better than the old temporary 160m antenna that was only 12 metres up. The picture here shows the tower on the day it was erected before any antennas were added.


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