ARV Centenary Award

From Monday 1 August 2011, until the end of November Amateur Radio Victoria, ARV for short, will be running the Centenary Award to mark the occasion of the 100th year of ARV.

To qualify for the award VK hams must score a total of 100 points, while DX hams need only 25 points.

Points are awarded as follows;

  • contact with an ARV member = 2 points
  • contact with ARV station VK3WI during the RD contest, Lighthouse Weekend or the OCDX contest = 10 points
  • contact with VK100ARV during November = 10 points

A station set-up within a National Park on November 19 & 20 and operating under KRMNPA rules, may claim ten points per contact.

Points can only be claimed for a contact once per band per UTC day.

Details for the award are at

I’m looking forward to this award as I am a keen participant in the OCDX contest, RD contest and the Keith Roget Memorial National Parks Award.

I am a member of ARV so if you hear me on air, give me a shout as it will give you another 2 points to the award.


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