What’s been happening?

It has been quite some time since I have posted anything about my amateur radio activities. Since the National Parks weekend,  where I finished my chase to activate all 45 Victorian National Parks, I have been very quiet with portable operation.

Somewhere in my past, and I can’t readily identify when, I have done some damage to my right knee. The problem I have is whenever I walk down stairs, or over uneven ground, or twist to the right, I get a sharp stabbing pain in my knee. If I walk around for even an hour, say at a shopping centre, I get pain and don’t wish to continue. This condition has meant that to go climbing SOTA peaks would be foolish and quite dumb.

So, all through the Christmas and New Year break I had to be content to sit around home and chase others on SOTA summits all around the state. And chase them I did. In the past 35 days I have chased 37 activations worth 289 points. This has more than doubled my chaser tally and got me the 500 point award. I’m now halfway to being a shack sloth. Although I would much rather be activating than chasing at least it’s something.

Also during the break I was able to work Peter VK3AJ at the amateur radio station VI4ASJ at the Australian Jamboree in Queensland. I got to work Peter on both 40 and 20 metres during the event.

Now, back to my knee. I saw a surgeon before Christmas and I am going off for an MRI scan on Wednesday this week and back to see the surgeon on Friday. After that I will know what exactly I have done, and what needs to be done to fix it.

Hopefully it won’t be anything major and I will be able to get back to hiking hills soon.

In the mean time I’ll just have to be happy chasing the many activations through the summer and reading about them on the following blogs;


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