VK3ZPF SOTA logging app update #1

Last Sunday I activated SOTA summit VK3/VC-033, Mt Toolebewong. This summit was the first time I had used the Android logging application that I have been working on.

As with all things new there are a few things that I found it lacked that would be good to have.

  • Display of previous contacts
  • Short cuts for popular call sign prefixes
  • Display distance and compass direction from a major landmark, like the Melbourne GPO
  • An indication of number of QSOs for the session
  • Default to numeric keyboard for power, RS(T) & frequency entry
  • Remove default RS, power and frequency when clicked into
  • Recall last QSO for edit
  • Add ADIF header info to ADIF file

During the week I have included  the first three and no longer think I need the fourth point any more.

On Sunday I am going to activate VK3/VC-014 Mt Disappointment and I’ll be using the application for logging again.

After this activation I’ll probably have a few more things to add to the list.


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