Learning Morse code

I’ve have had my Amateur Radio licence since 1985 and had little to no interest in Morse code. When I was first licenced there were three choices available;

  • Full – Advanced Theory, Regulations and 10 wpm Morse
  • Novice – Elementary Theory, Regulations and 5 wpm Morse
  • Limited – Advanced Theory, Regulations, no Morse.

Having no interest in Morse Code I studied hard and got my Limited Licence.

Fast forward many years and I now have an interest in Morse Code. Why? It seems the propagation on HF is getting worse and lower power contacts are getting harder and harder. Those who should know always suggest CW is a better mode than SSB for weak signals, so it seems only reasonable that it’s time now to learn Morse and start using CW for SOTA and other QRP operations.

I’ve been ‘attending’ the CW Academy via Skype for the past 7 weeks and, with the help of a fantastic tutor Steve ZL2KE, I am making good progress.

I’ve purchased a Palm Single paddle and I am very pleased with the construction and operation of the paddle.

All going well I should be able to log my first CW contact soon.




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