VHF SOTA activation of VK3/VC-006 Mt St Leonard

Today was a Public Holiday  and I went hiking with Tom and Kath, whom I have know for about 15 years, and two friends of theirs. The hike was from Donnellys Weir up to Mt St Leonard and back to Donnellys Weir. http://www.trailhiking.com.au/donnelly-weir-mt-st-leonard  All up the journey was 23.6 km with total climb of nearly 1300 metres. This was a tough walk in the park! I’ve activated VK3/VC-006 Mt St Leonard before in 2013.

We left the weir about 7:15 am and made it to the Mt St Leonard summit at 12:30 pm. Whilst the others in the hike party were enjoying the view and having lunch I was able to  get 4 quick contacts on 2m. One contact with Glenn VK3YY was a summit to summit with Glenn being over at Andrew Hill VK3/VN-020. Mt St Leonard is also within the Yarra Rages National Park, VKFF-0556.


Working 2m handheld from the top of the observation platform


Very cold group shot at the top

After lunch we walked back down to the weir arriving at about 4:30 pm. this is, without doubt, the toughest SOTA activation I have done so far.


The up and back route of nearly 24 km


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