VK Shires contest

This year saw the launch of a new VK contest. A contest that encouraged contacts within Australia where multipliers were based on how many different municipal areas you contact.

The VK shires contest.

Currently in Australia we have 566 municipal areas, or shires. The organisers of this contest gave each shire a unique code to identify it.

This weekend was the first VK shires contest and I spent time, on and off from other activities, working it from home.

As I have mentioned often my antenna system at home is severely compromised, the noise level is ridiculously high and I think my QSO counts reflects this. At the end of the 24 hour period, of which I had worked about 7 hours of, I had not even made 100 QSO. I needed at least 100 QSO to even qualify for a certificate, should I happen to go that well.

But I had a bit of fun and reinforced to myself why I go someplace else when contests need to be worked.


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