VK/trans Tasman 80 m SSB results

A few weeks ago Ashley VK3FASH, and I worked the VK/trans Tasman contest from the Gilwell Park Scout Camp.

The results were out early and Ashley and I were placed 14th overall.

This is OK and is similar to our previous standings of 12th (2007) and 20th (2008).

We are heading back to camp this Saturday to work the 160 m section of the contest. We will be arriving early as we need to set up a 1/2 wave dipole for 160 m before the contest starts.

If all goes well we should have the antenna up by 17:30 local time, just in time for the contest starting at 18:00 local.

I am planning to install a halyard on the tower just below the rotator to allow the 160 m dipole to be put up easily, and removed just as easy. The halyard will also allow me to try out a rhombic antenna during the OCDX contest later in the year.


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