VK Shires Contest – results

Back in June I took part in the first ever VK shires contest. The contest encouraged contacts within Australia where multipliers were based on how many different municipal areas you contact.

I worked the contest from home and manged 10th place in the single op category, or 24th place overall, with a score of 6840. The contest was won by VK7ZE with a score of 115432. There is a big gap between first and second place, VK4VCH 46110.
As this contest becomes more popular I suspect that the margin between places will get smaller. Next year’s contest is on the 12 & 13 June 2010, the same weekend as the Victorian Queen’s Birthday Holiday on Monday 14 June. This means I get the day off work on Monday so the possibility of going away and setting a station in two or three less shires is much higher.
I’ve been thinking about a piece of bush about 50km from here that spans three shires. Perhaps I spend 6 hours in each shire with the remaining time for setup and pack up?
Last weekend it took about an hour to fully erect my trapped 80/40/20m dipole and about the same time to carefully pack it away. I’m thinking of changing the design to speed this process up. At present the traps and wires all get disconnected and packed individually. If I were to keep them all connected and just roll it up it would be quicker. Perhaps a project for my quiet time over Christmas.
I need to do a bit of a reconnaissance beforehand to find three suitable sites.
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